Molecular Therapeutics Shared Resource (MTSR)

Overview of Services

The Molecular Therapeutics Shared Resource (MTSR) at Sylvester provides preclinical drug discovery and development capabilities with the goal of discovering novel small molecules that have the potential to become drugs for the treatment of cancer. Nearly all human-directed research is aimed at understanding disease with the goal of finding cures. The most powerful and efficient way to treat disease is by use of pharmaceuticals. The MTSR provides expertise in drug discovery to begin the process of uncovering novel treatments for cancer.

Services offered by the MTSR include assay development, compound screening, in vitro models, library curation & preparation and other work related to the preclinical drug discovery pipeline, including customized assays, target validation and full pipeline project management. MTSR services, which include cell death assays, clonogenic assays, alphascreen, plate reading and library addition, enable translation of basic research to clinical utility. The MTSR validates therapeutically relevant targets, identified in Sylvester members’ research, to support the advancement clinical research.


Shaun Brothers | Core Director

Claude-Henry Volmar | Director, Research Lab

Ines Lohse | Associate Scientist


1501 NW 10th Ave, M-860

Miami, FL 33136

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Shaun Brothers
Core Director
LPLC 633
Claude-Henry Volmar
Director, Research Lab
Ines Lohse
Associate Scientist