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The University of Miami was established in 1925 and is highly recognized for it's significant contribution to research.
The university's mission is to educate and nurture students, to create knowledge, and to provide service to our community and beyond.

What is a core facility?

Core facilities allow centralized access to specialized equipment and services, providing cutting-edge technologies, reagents, and special products needed to conduct high-quality, interdisciplinary research in a cost-effective way.
Core facilities at the University of Miami are found across three campuses, Coral Gables, Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine, and RSMAS.


  • The Association of Biomolecular Resources (ABRF) guide provides useful practices for core laboratories in acknowledging contributions from core facilities in publications.



iLab Cores at University of Miami

Cores at College of Engineering

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext

Cores at SCCC Clinical Research Laboratory Services (SCCC-CRLS)

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
SCCC Clinical Research Laboratory Services

Cores at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Behavioral & Community-Based Research Shared Resource (BCSR)

Olveen Carrasquillo OCarrasquillo@med.miami.edu 305-243-5505
Biospecimen Shared Resource (BSSR)

Melinda Boone mboone2@miami.edu 305-243-6777
Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Shared Resource (BBSR)

BBSR bbsr@med.miami.edu 305-243-2865
Cancer Modeling Shared Resource (CMSR)

CMSR CMSR@med.miami.edu (305) 243-4627
Flow Cytometry Shared Resource (FCSR)

Provides researchers with sophisticated methods for the analysis and preparative sorting of a wide variety of cells, under many experimental conditions.

Eric D. Wieder, Ph.D. ewieder@med.miami.edu (305) 243-4933
Molecular Therapeutics Shared Resource (MTSR)

Shaun Brothers sbrothers@med.miami.edu 305-243-6113
Onco-Genomics Shared Resource (OGSR)

Provides researchers access to the latest technology and chemistries used for the molecular analysis of DNA and RNA. Also provides investigators with the needed expertise for the detection, quantification, and characterization of genes and gene products.

Other cores at University of Miami

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext

non-iLab Cores at University of Miami

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
BioNIUM Nanofabrication Facility

Kevin Luongo, Ph.D. BioNIUM@miami.edu (305) 243-0404
Biorepository Core Facility

Patrice Whitehead cgtServices@med.miami.edu (305) 243-5CGT
Drosophilia Core Facility

Grace R. Zhai, Ph.D. gzhai@med.miami.edu (305) 243-6058
Zebrafish Core Facility

Julia Dallman, Ph.D. jdallman@bio.miami.edu (305) 284-3954
Clinical Translational Research Site

Halina Kusak hxk115@med.miami.edu (305) 243-5012
Bioinformatics and Data Mining Services

Evelyn Cruz Bioinformatics@miami.edu (305) 243-4962
Pathology Research Resources Histology Laboratory

Carolyn Cray, Ph.D. compathlab@med.miami.edu (305) 243-6700
CFAR Laboratory Science Core

Margie Roach, Ph.D. mroach@miami.edu (305) 243-4822
High Performance Computing Services

Evelyn Cruz Bioinformatics@miami.edu (305) 243-4962
Software Engineering Group

Evelyn Cruz Bioinformatics@miami.edu (305) 243-4962
Genotyping Core Facility

Ionna Konidari, Ph.D. cgtServices@med.miami.edu (305) 243-5CGT
Sequencing Core Facility

William Hulme, Ph.D. cgtServices@med.miami.edu (305) 243-5CGT
Imaging and Histology Core

Magda Celdran mceldran@med.miami.edu (305) 326-6048
Neuroimaging Facility

Jennifer Britton, Ph.D. nis@psy.miami.edu (305) 284-6082
RSMAS Marine Operations

Richard R. Behn, Ph.D. r.behn@rsmas.miami.edu (305) 421-4832
Transmission Electron Microscopy

Vania Almeida, Ph.D. valmeida@miami.edu (305) 243-7137
Viral Vector Core

Vance Lemmon, Ph.D. vvc@umail.miami.edu (305) 243-0407
High Content Screening Core

Vance Lemmon, Ph.D. yshi@med.miami.edu (305) 243-1951
Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Core

Xi Steven Chen, Ph.D. bbc@med.miami.edu (305) 243-3957
Division of Veterinary Resources

Julia Zaias, Ph.D. JZaias@med.miami.edu (305) 243-2310